Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 Oregon / California Pashnit Ride and Get Together

Well the 2014 Oregon/California Pashnit get together is in the bag now and we owe many thanks to Orbiker (Ken Coen) for setting things up and leading us around his beautiful state of Oregon.
  There were 5 of us, Ken, Gail, Geno, Dee and I that made the trek from So Cal and it was mostly a long ride on a hot slab so only have a couple photos at the Mt. Shasta view point.

  Riding over Shasta Lake it was sad to see just how far down the water level is and the drought is hurting the local economy as we found out when we stopped at Allyson’s Restaurant on Lakeview Dr. just north of the lake.  The owner, service and food is great so pay them a visit when you’re in the area.

We got to the Royal Coachman in the late afternoon and we ate dinner at Mac’s Diner right on the Rogue River.  I like that place!  These photos are crappy because I took them with my phone but they’re all I’ve got from there.

The next morning we all got ready and headed out to explore the beauty of Oregon.

I finally got to meet Donna (Demenshea) which I considered a real pleasure that I hope to repeat.

Of course no trip is complete without getting to take a break for road work!

The wait is generally easier to bear when you have a pretty girl holding the stop sign!

The patient group waiting in line behind me.

It wasn’t too long and we were on our way and I got to practice fumbling with the camera to get those “folks behind me” shots.

The scenery was gorgeous and every time I journey afar on my motorcycle I ask myself “Self, why the hell do you live in Los Angeles County?” and I always get the same answer, “work!”.

We stopped at Munchies and enjoyed good fare and camaraderie.

Ken had us all line up on the bridge to get a shot of us so I figured turnabout is fair play!

Our next stop was at the falls and right now I can’t remember all their names but we can just call them beautiful.  Here are the bikes lined up with my wife Dee and a pic of the falls and then the falls with my good friend Geno framed in the picture.

Before we mount up for the next leg of the trip we need to converse about things.

The interesting thing about this waterfall is that it is born from a spring only about a mile above the falls.  I’m betting that the water is great for drinking just the way it is.  I’d love to see it in the winter time!

 Got an action shot of my lovely wife Dee on our way to Diamond lake where we all took a break and had a snack.

I was most impressed with the narrow gorge that the Rogue River flowed through.  It is amazing the amount of water that makes its way thru such a narrow passage. 

My better half Dee.

Gail with her dog Lulu and Bonnie taking a photo of all of us.

Our good friends Ken and Gail enjoying the view.

The water almost looks inviting if it wasn’t so cold and dangerous!

I thought this was a good shot of Gail and Geno.

Parking space wasn’t an issue for us in this parking lot.

The next day found us heading up to Crater Lake where after taking in the breathtaking beauty it has to offer we would all end our meet up and head off in different directions.  The air was somewhat tainted from the fires that happen to be raging at the time but visibility was better than the previous day we were told.

The clarity of the water is amazing here!

This is known as Wizards Island.

I like this photo of Dee, Gail and Geno.

Our parting group shot and another group shot thanks to Geno.

We had a great time with our fellow Pashnits, which I plan on doing all over again next year.  Dee and I needed to make it to Gold Beach before nightfall so even though we rode thru some more awesome countryside I put the camera away and concentrated on the ride.  Thanks to everyone for attending and making this the wonderful event that it was!

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