Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oregonians & Californian Pashnits Get Together

This was a last minute trip for me even though it had been planned on the Pashnit forum for quite some time.  Due to budget constraints I had planned on missing this ride but when my better half said she thought I should go well, who am I to argue?
  Captain John and I  met up with Ken and Geno at the IHOP in Bako and after a hearty breakfast we slabbed it up to Williams where we stayed at the Ramada Inn.  The next morning it was off to meet up with Hwy 36 for the ride to the coast.
  Here we have the obligatory photo of the famous sign with John next to it.

Riding in scorching heat means soaking the helmet for relief and here we have Geno doing that along with Ken.

Here’s me practicing my over the shoulder shot to see what happens and a front view of highway 36.

No trip is complete with out being stopped by construction!  Ken is waiting patiently with the rest of us.

We figured that they were bringing the big logs down the hill and the smaller logs up the hill.

Some of highway 36 reminded us of Rossi’s driveway or highway 229.

Who knew there is a shoe tree on highway 36?

More over the shoulder shots looking back at John and Ken.

A look back again and then we have that there river that flows next to 36.

Here is the initial meet and greet.
This is a bad group of photos taken inside the restaurant.  For some reason this camera doesn’t like taking photos inside.  I think I need a new camera because it can’t possibly be the operator.

We met up at the station before heading north on highway 1.
Here is BMWLloyd with a real camera!
I’ve heard it said that Californians aren’t welcome in Oregon but this here sign and our Oregon Pashnits proved that rumor false.
Looking back on the group again.
In our honor they had prepared a parade to greet us in Gold Beach.
Ken and John chatting during the parade.
To disperse the crowd after the parade they dispatched this here Messerschmitt to strafe the parade route.
Rolling up the coast for a visit to the Cape Blanco Lighthouse.
Parking at the lighthouse in a strong wind.
Ken and John posing in front of the lighthouse where they say that they lose 8 panes of glass every year due to the wind that can reach in excess of 120 MPH.
John, Ken, Geno and I enjoying lunch in Coos Bay.
Port Orford is one of my favorite places along the Oregon coast.

Heading back to Crescent City.
The group shot out front of the Curly Lodge.
Captain John looking happy in the saddle.
Ken and Geno bringing up the rear.
Last shot of Clear Lake along Hwy 20 on the way back home.  This has got to be the smelliest lake I have ever smelled!

   In closing out this ride report I’d just like to say what a pleasure it was meeting all of the Pashnits from up north.  This forum has a way of bringing the best folks together.  My only regret is that we couldn’t spend more time riding together and getting acquainted.  We can always look forward to next time!                                                                                    

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

26th Anniversary Ride

  I won’t say were getting old cause it seems like yesterday that we got married and now Dee and I have just celebrated our 26th anniversary.  Time just keeps on marching along and the best thing we can all do is to enjoy the time gifted to us and try not to sweat the small stuff.
  Dee and I planned a couple nights in Las Vegas with a show (we really don’t gamble) and it turned out that Ken and Gail were planning on going to Lone Pine and staying at Boulder Creek RV Resort the weekend after and invited us along.  We decided that Beatty would be a good place to meet up after Vegas. 
  Here are a few photos from our five day escape. 
  Not sure who or what she is supposed to be but guys on Fremont Street. were paying to get their photos taken with her.

If you haven’t visited Fremont Street to see the overhead light show it is worth the visit!

The Golden Nugget has a really neat aquarium in the middle of their pool with a water slide that goes right thru the middle of it.

We had a nice view from our room.

Leaving Las Vegas to meet up with Ken and Gail in Beatty Nevada we passed through Indian Springs and Dee caught a shot of this drone landing at Creech AFB.
The mountains leaving Las Vegas still had a covering of snow.  Soon to be gone I am sure.
Heading up 95 on the way to Beatty.
Here we are following Ken and Gail on Hwy 266 after meeting them in Beatty.

Blue sky is always nice but sometimes the rainy weather can be beautiful too, as long as there’s not too much of it.

Dee always seems to find the prettiest flowers along the road.
Here is a shot of Dee and I.
I don’t know why but I liked this one of the raindrops on the windshield of Dee’s bike.
The views from Hwy 168 were great!

Heading down into Big Pine.
If you have never stayed at Boulder Creek RV Resort in Lone Pine it’s a real nice place with great views too.
Diesel is Ken and Gail’s Great Dane and is such a sweetie that he makes me want to own a Dane.
Here is one of Skibolds toyhauler and our campsite.
We spent the day exploring around Lone Pine to see places we always passed bye saying “We ought to stop by there next time around” so we did!  Here are a few of Manzanar.  A reminder that as Americans we for sure are not perfect.

Then we headed up to Whitney Portal.

Looking down on the Alabama Hills and the road to Whitney Portal.
The road going up to Whitney Portal.
  Ken and Gail.
I believe that this is Mt. Whitney.
Here’s Gail on her bike with the dog carrier and Patch inside.  Patch loves to ride on the bike but is not too keen about traveling in the car.
Here are the three girls, Dee, Gail and Patch next to the waterfalls.
More of the waterfalls which with the snow melt were running full
Heading down from the Portal.
Here I am following Ken up Lubken Canyon Rd. while we explored the area and the girls relaxed.
We headed up Horseshoe Meadows Road hoping to make it to the top but were turned around with a road closed due to snow and rock slides.Last photo and I thought it’s a cute one of Patch and Diesel.
Thanks Ken and Gail for letting us join you on your camping adventure again and sharing your grub with us.  Thanks to my lovely wife Dee for sticking with me for 26 years and thanks for checking out our ride photos everyone!