Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tepusquet Road Ride 2/04/2011

We decided last minute to take a ride and Paso Robles seemed like a good destination.  Tepusquet Rd. and Foxen Canyon were two that we hadn't ridden yet and this seemed a good time.  We also road Santa Rosa Creek Road into Cambria.  Most of these photos are taken on Santa Rosa Creek Road and Tepusquet Road.  We had lunch on Stearn's Wharf before heading up the 154 towards Paso Robles where we stayed the night at Melody Ranch Motel.
 These were taken while parked along Santa Rosa Creek Road.

More of the road and the Creek alongside of it

Here's a one of the locals sitting in a tree along the road.

One of the many curves along Tepusquet Road.
It's hard to take a clear photo while at idle sitting on a Harley!
The winery where Tepusquet meets Foxen Canyon Road.

It was a real nice ride but the cold prevented us from photographing while on the move with heavy gloves and all.  It was 32 degrees when we left Paso Robles Friday morning.  If you haven't had a chance to ride Santa Rosa Creek Road and Tepusquet Road, it is truly a trip not to be missed!