Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break Ride 4-7-2011

Our Spring Break Ride with the Skibolds

We have all been looking forward to this trip for some time now and as always once it arrives it is much too quickly a memory! Now it’s time to share some of our memories with all of you.
We met up for breakfast at the IHOP at the intersection of the 58 and 99 and there our adventure began down the 58 toward San Luis Obispo. We had a short rest stop along Hwy 58.
Ken and Gail
Dee and Gail
We took a detour up 229 and got some hot chocolate in the town of Creston.

Dee and I stayed at the Madonna Inn along with Ken and Gail. Dee and I had the Daisy Mae room and Ken and Gail had the Caveman room.
This is outside our room.
We enjoyed a beautiful view of the hills outside our room

The girls had a special treat and were pampered at the spa.
Friday we headed up Hwy 1 where we encountered rain so we suited up and made a stop at Ragged Point to see how expensive gas can get!
Knowing that the highway is closed south of Big Sur we had to ride over Nacimiento –Fergusson Rd where the rain turned to sleet and then to snow. I didn’t get photos of that road because of the difficulty of riding in the snow and the fact that it was snowing pretty good for quite awhile. But here is a few at the entrance to the road.
Looking south down highway 1.
Looking at Ken and northward up highway 1
Ken, Dee John and Geno getting ready to tackle the snow covered peaks of Nacimiento Rd
The hail was collecting on Hunter-Legget along the creek
Here’s a good one of Captain John.
Captain John leading the way.
Flowers and Vineyards along the way to Marina where we stayed at the Ramada Inn.

We went to Phil’s Fish Market and Eatery for dinner and here is the proof!


The next morning we are off to Pinnacles National Monument with John snapping photos of the green hills along the way.  

Gail at the monument.

Short John and tall John just spotted the Pinnacles! No, really!
Too cool!
Lots of beautiful big oak trees along our route.
Lots of old windmills and old barns too.

Heading toward King City on highway G13.
Gail and Ken at a tasty Mexican restaurant in King City.
All full and now it’s time to saddle up!
Plotting our course at the Best Western in Pismo Beach the next morning.
The vineyards along Foxen Canyon Rd. on the way to Tepusquet Road.
Some photos along Tepusquet Rd.

Geno, me, Gail, Ken and John.

One final scenery shot along Hwy 166 before we all parted ways.
Thanks for taking the time to check out our ride photos. We all had a very good time!