Friday, October 25, 2013

Lake Isabella to Sequoia NP & Points In Between

So the wife is in Florida on business of sorts and Skibold needs some minor electrical work done.  I can’t think of a better reason to head up to Lake Isabella spend some time with my friend and get in some twisties!  Unfortunately Ken has some widgets to produce and they want them ASAP so the riding part I was going to have to take care of myself.
  I created this here interactive map to show where I went and although I took a wrong turn at one point and had to backtrack I think it’s pretty close to where I was.


Riding up the Kern River Canyon there are still fall colors to be found in many places and who doesn’t love the look of pit toilets framed in fall fashion?
I believe this shot is looking back toward the Kern River Canyon from the Western Divide Highway.     
         Oh look more fall colors!     
Calendar opp next to a raging waterfall!     
Lots more colors along highway 190 and for those that haven’t had the pleasure to ride this road you’ll find an abundance of curves!  
I took a wrong turn and missed Yokohl Valley Dr. and ended going up Balch Park Rd. not up Bear Creek Rd. as the map shows but I ended up in about the same place which was about an hour and a half out of my way.  This would be a good road to explore further as it reminded me of Breckenridge Rd. and 23S16 too.  So we’ll just call this next set the wrong way Rd.
I finally found Yokohl Valley Dr. and Skibold was right when he told me it was a great road!  I am going to have to do these roads in the spring when the creeks are full and the hills are green!
What can be said about Sequoia National Park?  Words alone just can’t do justice to the size to those magnificent trees.  I have to say that I pushed the speed limit in that run up to the General Sherman Tree when I wasn’t riding behind grandpa (hey wait, I’m a grandpa!). 
Can you spot the deer? I had a hard time, that’s why they aren’t centered in the frame!
I was running behind due to unplanned exploration so I was twisting the throttle but this van was on my butt!  I pulled over to let him pass and wouldn’t you know it it’s a FedEx van.  This I understand because my sister has driven for FedEx for 27 years and they really push them!
After exiting the national parks and running down to 180 I came to the turnoff for Hwy 245 heading to Woodlake.  I’ve never been down this road but if you like twisties then this would be your Nirvana.  I didn’t get a photo, but the sign said curves next 31 miles and it meant it!

The curves were one after another and I had to concentrate on them instead of taking pictures because on this road I couldn’t manage both.

I didn’t see 245 listed in the Ca Moto Roads section, but it very much should be!  Once I got past Woodlake it was all about getting back to Ken’s place.  It had been a long day and I still had more than two hours of riding in the dark trying to get around big trucks on 65 and negotiating the curves of 178.  I thought about jumping on 155 but that has a lot more twists and after riding it behind Anthony and Suzi a few weeks ago I knew there was a lot of sand in the corners too.  I hope you all enjoyed my photos and report.    OSD