Thursday, July 4, 2013

Oregon/California 2013 Gathering


We had been anticipating this ride ever since it’s inception and although it happened during one heck of a heat wave even that was not going to dampen our spirits!  I rode my new to me Vstrom and Dee was of course on her Harley.  I learned a few things about riding the Vstrom long distance like what kind of underwear not to wear, nuff said about that!
      I took quite a few photos and it was no small task trying to figure out which ones to post up.  I think the difficulty in deciding shows what a great trip it was!
     One day I’m going to see this view of the Merced River with the water near the top of the banks I hope.

Here’s Dee following me up the 49 and a shot of the 49 ahead.

When we got there we all got together at Mr. Beefys and I broke my diet in a big way!  Here clockwise we have my wife Dee, Sue and her hubby Steve (ZX11Steve),  Geno, Ken (Orbiker), Ron (Sglide4me), Ken (Skibold) and his better half Gail and Bonnie (GeoNorskie).

We made our reservations at the Pioneer Lodge Resort as we had stayed there before but it has fallen from grace and is now a dump in the true sense of the word so after one night we canceled our reservation and headed for the Gold Country Campground where the Skibolds were camping and got a room there and were most happy with that.  I had to throw in a picture of the pool just because.

The next morning we all met up at the Cozy Cabin Café and had a fine breakfast and as it turned out we ate there for breakfast every morning!

Then we were off heading up Hwy 88 and enjoyed all the scenic views that it had to offer!

We stopped for a break at Lake Plasse and I took a few shots here this one being of course Papa Ken who it was my extreme pleasure to get to meet after reading his posts for these last 6 years

Here’s one of Bonnie’s (GeoNorskie) BMW and I must say she is a very accomplished rider!

Here is Papa Ken, Geno and Bonnie who I’m sure is trying to get that perfect photo of my Vstrom for a future Pashnit calendar! (Ha! Ha!)

Ken and Gail’s dog Lulu entertained us all with her antics as she played in the water.

Here we have Ken, Ken and Ron.

This is a group of scenic ride photos from along Hwy 88.

We are approaching Monitor Pass in this shot.

This is looking back on Orbiker Ken and his beautiful Victory Cross Country.

     We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day, maybe a little less heat but all in all the views were spectacular!

We all stopped at a turnout and got some stunning vista photos.

Bonnie was good at getting ahead of us all and getting those action shots as we all zoomed by.  Here I tried to capture her as she was capturing us!

After the ride we all met up at Ron’s house where he put on a great spread of barbequed chicken, sausages and all the fixings.  Here it was my pleasure to finally get to meet Tyler!  Understandably she decided to drive up in air conditioned comfort instead of sweating it out on Clifford, we were happy to see her no matter how she arrived.

And here is Bonnie and Geno

The next morning was Sunday and we headed out to conquer more scenic roads,  not exactly sure which ones because I was just following along.

Taking a break in the shade from the heat along a creek that was made for soaking our cooling vests!

The two Kens.

Dee and her Harley.

     Just one of the scenic areas we rode through, which road I couldn’t say.

     Here our guides are trying to decide which way will get us where we are headed, wherever that might be!

Ken, Ron and Dee during a break up on Icehouse Road I believe.

Back at camp after the days ride and much to his dismay Geno discovered that he left his flip flops at the Pioneer Lodge after we all checked out.  I had to get this shot of him making a fashion statement!

Here’s one of Ken and Gail in camp.

     Had to get this photo of Ken and Gail’s tent trailer in here, and yes folks that is indeed an air conditioner mounted on the trailer!

Tyler pointed out that I am rarely in any of the photos that I post and therefore she wasn’t sure what I look like so Tyler, this one is for you!

     Chowing down back at Ken and Gail’s campsite.

     It sure looks like the lake levels are really low as we head back to go over Sonora Pass the next morning.

Here we are taking another much needed hydration brake in the shade.

Ken with his tent trailer in tow and Gail following behind him.

Heading toward Sonora Pass behind Ken.

We had some great views heading toward the pass along with weather.  It got somewhat windy and we got some rain as we went over the pass so I put the camera away to keep it dry.  On the other side I got a pic of Geno on his bike along with the creek and more.

Heading down from the pass and one of Dee on her bike.

Stopped alongside the road overlooking the valley.

     Moving along down the road and a photo of Geno behind me.

One last photo outside Bridgeport and area that I think is beautiful and then Dee and I split off at Lee Vining and headed on down to Bishop battling some strong winds going down the hill.  All in all it was a great 5 days of riding and meeting my new old friends!  I look forward to our next Oregon/California Pashnit gathering!