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Checking Out 23S16 6/20/2009

Checking Out 23S16 6/20/2009

Checking out 23S16

Our goal was to ride Breckenridge Rd. again and this time the snow wouldn’t have us turning around. After seeing the new post in CA Moto Roads about Forest Service Road 23S16 our plans were altered. Dee and I headed out Friday afternoon to meet up with Skibold (Ken & Gail) and Big Ed (Ed & Diane) at the McCambridge Lodge in Kernville. It was a nice ride
 through the canyon with the Kern River flowing next to us.

Saturday morning dawned and we headed north on Sierra Way behind Ken and Gail.
It was a picture perfect day along the Kern.

Dee rode two up with me so she could take photos on the move. Here is the motley crew minus our photographer. Gail, then me, Diane, Ken & Ed.
The Kern draws many people for the quality rafting.

Dee caught an over the shoulder shot of Ed and Diane bringing up the rear.

We decided to take 190 over to Camp Nelson and stop there for sustenance. The way over was very scenic and winding.
Some of the Camp Nelson locals were hanging out.
The store and tavern was a nice place with friendly folks.
When your cruising and taking in the sights you occasionally have to pull over for those bent for hell cagers.
We backtracked and made our way to forest service road 23S16.

Ken has his very own Boulevard to cruise on.

Having found the sign I was certain that we were now on the right road. But which way do we go?
Ed and Diane’s Heritage Softtail.
Gail’s pretty red Yamaha.
Lord send us a sign so we know which way to go!
Fires have taken their toll in some of the areas we rode thru.
One of the many pastures along the way.
My favorite one of Dee’s flower shots.

Looking back down on 23S16.

Ken and Gail leading us up 23S16.
The view from our motel room is great.
Waking up to a Sunday morning.

Gail and Dee in the porch swing.
On Sunday we made our way to Sherman Pass Road where we found the scenery no less spectacular.

On Sunday we made our way to Sherman Pass Road where we found the scenery no less spectacular.

The flowers were blooming everywhere that you looked.
On the top of Sherman Pass we met a Ranger trailering 3 horses. He was about to embark on a week in the high country. We could tell that he really hated his job but he was kind enough to take a photo of the six of us before we headed down to 395 and home.
We had a great time and for anyone thinking about forest service road 23S16 I say go for it. This one is not a racetrack though. You have to take time to stop and smell the flowers.

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