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Oatman and Seligman Ride and Photos 11/4/2008

Oatman and Seligman Ride and Photos 11/4/2008

Oatman and Seligman Ride & Photos

  Ken (Skibold) had a great idea, a weekend run up to Oatman Arizona. Ken and his wife Gail also have some great friends too. Ed and Dianne along with Joe and Glen met Ken, Gail, Dee and I off I-40 and off we went.

Down I-40

We passed over the mighty Colorado River.

Then we were on the winding road to Oatman.

Entering Oatman we encountered some of the locals.

My wife Dee explains the finer points of riding a Harley.

The motley crew left to right, Gail, Ed, Dianne, Ken, Joe and Glen.

You’ve got to be careful whom you piss off in this town.

Then we had to get out of town.

We had many beautiful views.

My wife does things backwards sometimes and this time she caught Glen right behind us with Joe bringing up the rear.

When we got to Seligman we were all hungry after a couple of cold ones.

The next morning I caught Joe, Ed, Dianne and Ken chatting in front of the Grand Canyon Caverns under cloudy skies. We got lucky though, no rain just a little wind.

Vicious dino

Deep within the bowels of the earth.

The motley crew with there mighty steeds.
Ed and Dianne



Our fearless ride leader Ken with his lovely wife Gail in front of that beautiful loaner Road King that they rode, (I’m sure he’s looking for one of his very own right now!)

Here's Dee and I too!
We all had a wonderful time. Only one problem and that was a hole that was worn thru the oil hose by the clutch cable on Glen’s bike. Glen caught the leak in time and with Kens and Eds help and the rest of us backing up with moral support he was able to get a new hose installed with only a minor delay.
Ken and I talked up Pashnit a lot so in sure that we will have some great new Pashnit members. Making new friends on a great ride with beautiful scenery and weather. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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