Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunday on Angeles Crest Highway 6/02/2009

Sunday on Angeles Crest Highway

Dee and I took a ride with Glen and Debbie Perry up Angeles Crest Highway on Sunday to get out from under the marine layer and a beautiful day and ride it turned out to be.

We stopped at Newcomb’s Ranch for a bite to eat with a few other bikers.

I’ve sure got a purdy bike.

I believe that this is Hwy 39 above Crystal Lake, which is dirt at this point and has been closed for as long as I can remember and that’s a long time.

We had to look around for bighorn sheep but didn’t spot any this time.

Debbie and Dee overlooking the Antelope Valley.

I’m sure Glen got some good photos and am hoping his Internet is up soon so he can post them.

There was a heavy LEO presence on the highway as one blew past us chasing some Ricky Racers at high speed in the opposite direction.  We saw one rider down. He lost it in a corner and hit the rock wall. Hope that he is OK. The Harley that was in front of this CHP looked like it had been down too.

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