Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Skibold's Birthday Ride 9/30/2010

  Last weekend was Ken’s (Skibold) birthday and Dee and I were graciously invited to join Gail and him on a campout and ride adventure in Lone Pine.  We met up Friday evening at the Boulder Creek RV Resort where we set up our campsite.

Saturday morning we headed up to Bishop where we jumped on Hwy 6 north.  Looking back at Ken and Gail.

Once again my wife Dee is taking most the photos while on the fly and she got some good ones on Hwy 120 from Benton to Mono Lake.

Yours truly.

Here’s Ken and Gail and one of Patches who I guess is a cager since he rides in a cage on Gail’s bike.

  Heading past Mono Lake.
We decided to take the June lake loop.

The next day we headed out 168 to see the 4000 year old bristlecone pine trees.  They were having a bicycle race up the road and we must have passed 200 crazies pedaling up a 24 mile hill with over 4000 foot elevation change in the heat.  They were having fun on the way down though!

Me and Dee

  Ken and Gail
  Hwy 168
  Ken at the overlook.
  Our Old Glory at Hwy 168 and 395

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