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Pashnit Gathering and Anniversary Ride 5/13/2009

Pashnit Gathering and Anniversary Ride 5/13/2009

Pashnit Gathering and Anniversary Ride

Dee and I decided to celebrate our 24th anniversary by taking 4 days and riding up to the Pashnit gathering and then on over to the coast. We slabbed it up the 99 to the 88 and on into Sopiago Springs on Friday. We made Pioneer Lodge our base for two nights. Saturday we enjoyed a ride around the area in the grand company of Johnny and Micki with the first stop Fiddletown.

We made it up to the Mormon Emigrant Trail Road only to find our way blocked by the white stuff, but it was well worth the ride.

Back at the Sopiago Springs Resort we enjoyed some nice barbeque.

Anybody got a match?

The company was great too. Here we have Bruce (Turkus) sitting with Walt and Nancy from Streetmasters riding school.

I caught Tim, talking with some fellow Pashnits.

My wife Dee was a little chilly.

It was really nice to get to see Eaton the Ducmonster again.

We took the advice of Walt and Nancy and Johnny and pitched our Google map instructions away for our ride to the coast Sunday and headed down 49 to the 41 to the 198 on our way to Nacimiento Fergusson Rd. and San Simeon. The Little Dragon was more than a little fun.

Water was a little low to launch your boat from this ramp!

The creek along Nacimiento Fergusson Rd.

We took a break to look over the ocean and a photo of our steeds.

On the way home we took Hwy 58, which was also recommended, and now I do the same. Then we topped off the final leg with Cerro Noroeste and dinner at the Screaming Squirrel. It was a fitting end to a great 1365-mile ride!

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